Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grace & Jason's Big Day

I went to Seattle for the Labor Day weekend. Busy as heck at work and couldn't really take any time off, but I promised my niece that I would be there for her big day. So I crossed the Atlantic and the entire continental US to be there for Grace & Jason's wedding. I hosted their rehearsal dinner at my Seattle home Friday evening; the wedding was on Sunday. It was a great weekend. The wedding was well planned -- from the church ceremony to the reception.

I did not have any good quality shot of the bride and groom, so I modified a photo of the bride and groom at the altar to look like a charcoal drawing.


Here they are exchanging rings:

with this ring...

The wedding ceremony was conducted at a great location --- church with a nice interior.



There was a lot of crying:

Siena Crying

But also a lot of smiling and laughing. Everyone had a great time at the wedding reception party. The following are random images from the wedding.

wedding party

Reception Table Setting

Table Set-up

table number

Fortune Cookie


More wedding pictures are located in my flickr site, http://www.flickr.com/photos/8745081@N04/sets/72157622361933504/.

I had a great time. It was quite relaxing to not do work or even think about work. It was nice to be in Seattle, even if only for a short while, to see family.


  1. Good to see that J-Tyme wasn't the only crier that weekend! LOL at Siena's "kawawa koala" face!

  2. Joyce,

    With all the crying during wedding weekend, Siena's picture depicts a good representation. Besides, I thought she looked cute in the picture.

    Uncle Elvin