Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! In late October 2004, I hosted a party in Seattle to celebrate James’ birthday and also make it a Halloween costume preview for the kids. Below are pictures from this party.

Ina as the wicked witch from Poulsbo and Paige as a bumblebee. Ina was awarded with the best Halloween costume.

Payton as Spiderman and Salia as Dora-Dora.

All the kids gathering around James’ birthday cake.

Nathan as the big, bad wolf.

Samantha as the wicked witch from West Seattle.

Two month old Cameron as herself, a baby dressed all in pink.

After all the playing around and eating, some of them eventually got tired.

Below are more pictures from past Halloweens:

Lil Pumpkin Paige at the pumpkin patch.

Ina as a princess and Jessica as a revolutionary militant.

Salia as Snow White and Paige as a Ninja Turtle.

Send me pictures of your kids dressed in this year’s Halloween costume and I will post them on this blog.

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