Saturday, August 23, 2008

Congrats to Ron and Donna

We’ll they did it – they've tied the knot. My nephew Ronald and Donna made it official as husband and wife in a civil ceremony. Ron is the person I had written about -- in particular, changing his diapers as a baby -- in my previous blog about my raspberry-induced recollections of long ago summers in Bainbridge Island. I wish I was there to offer, personally, my best wishes to them.

The following photos were “pirated” from Miss Gracie’s flickr account:

I first met Donna about eight years ago when her basketball team was looking for a coach and I volunteered to coach the team. In the basketball court, Donna was always determined and gritty, although she was shorter than most everyone in the court. She accompanied us, six other guys made up of family and friends, on a three week backpacking tour of western Europe during the summer of 2002. She managed well among a group of guys during the trip. She is fairly independent, outwardly confident, and very candid. I am glad she joined us because she made our trip much more interesting and enjoyable. I have also noticed Donna’s interaction with kids. Kids tend to gravitate toward her. They really enjoy playing with her, and most importantly, she enjoys being with them. Donna is passionate about her convictions in human rights and social injustice.

I have had many profound conversations, about many subjects, with Ron. In many conversations (somehow they are almost always during late night/early morning) and correspondences (thru e-mails since I have been overseas) with Ron for the last 4 to 5 years, he has often confided to me his unequivocal love for Donna. I have always been very close to Ron. He tends to value my opinions, views, and outlook on many subjects; likewise, I value his. During my visits back to Seattle, Ron would try to get some private time with me to talk. Because of my hectic schedule whenever I visit, I did not always find time to talk to Ron. I have not had much opportunity to spend quality time with him on my last few visits. But I know Ron quite well -- he has his head on straight.

A favorite song of mine is David Gray's Babylon. The song lyrics remind me of some of the sentiments that Ron has professed to me in many of our conversations about Donna. The song's chorus includes the following line: “The love that I was giving you was never in doubt.” This line, I think, speaks volume of Ron’s sincere love for Donna.

I don’t have a good video camera, only the video portion of my mini-digital camera. Sorry for the bad quality of the video, audio, lighting, and especially, the singing. But since I couldn’t be there in person, I thought I would offer something special. I dedicate the following video to Ron & Donna.

Donna and Ron make a good couple. They are perfect for each other. I extend my congratulations and best wishes to Ron and Donna.


  1. You were definitely there with us in spirit. Thank you =)


  2. 1. Driving me to school in your red celica
    2. Inviting me to Europe with you in the Summer of '98
    3. Helping me overcome my calculus homework on those Sunday afternoons
    4. Keeping Amma company in the old living room after Inna died
    5. Dropping us off at the airport after our visits to Pamona
    6. Climbing the gates to the swimming pool at your Apartment before it rained
    7. Telling me, CJ, Mek & Michael that we didn’t have to eat all the nachos cause we might get sick during the next roller coaster.
    8. Getting lost in the Parisian subways looking for Rodin’s Museum
    9. Throwing that surprise party for Edward at Red Robin’s
    10. Playing ping pong in front of our house on a random day
    11. Shooting baskets on the dirt basketball court on Bainbridge
    12. Helping me with my 1st grade homework assignment with those old encyclopedias
    13. Looking for Crunch Tators in that Southern California supermarket
    14. Sharing your insights on Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”
    15. Buying stacks of frozen foods the week I stayed at your Portland apartment
    16. Arming me with those words of encouragement when I graduated from O’Dea
    17. Challenging me on the chessboard when I got too arrogant
    18. Crabbing at 6 in the morning with Russ and Uncle Nemy and the Sea Lions
    19. Drinking Hurricanes with you on Bourbon Street
    20. Driving to the girls basketball practices with you & Donna
    21. Eating fried siu mai at that Japanese restaurant after showing me around UW campus
    22. Helping me decipher the chords to my favorite songs
    23. Introducing me to Richard Feynman and his bongos
    24. Being cool with all my best friends who also call you “Uncle Alban”
    25. Teaching me how to drive a car in Sonya and Glen’s white Jetta
    26. Snorting ourselves awake on the tour bus and laughing at ourselves afterwards
    27. Encouraging me to fight off my jetlag when we arrived in London
    28. Giving me a piece of your allowance even though I never picked raspberries
    29. Staying at the casinos til sunrise
    30. Going on our occasional movie marathons and discussions
    31. Witnessing you drink beer for the 1st time in Germany
    32. Eating McDonald’s with you in different countries
    33. Going up the Stransenhorn twice to see a foggy view
    34. Talking to you while we were taking a dump during one of the family camping trips
    35. Planning out that surprise party for Grace at your house
    36. Eating those weird gelatos under Dante’s statue in Florence
    37. Enjoying the white lasagna in Burano with tip included
    38. Taking your picture with the Roman gladiators
    39. Watching you play tennis against Jimmy Jam at Battle Point
    40. Witnessing you break down with Jay on our way to Sea Garden
    41. Reminding me through example after example after example
    42. Drinking wine with you in Rome with the other Antonio’s from Macao
    43. Arriving at the tram station by your gresham apartment when you were disappointed that your celica wasn't stolen
    44. Sleeping on the other couch during Inna’s final days

    I know my timing is hella off (as usual) but Happy Birthday Uncle Alban!